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Expedition Paddling is all about exploration, sea kayaking for a day, or maybe many days linked together, along a remote and distant, seldom travelled coastline. It’s about engaging with nature, rather than challenging nature, being a part of the environment rather than just a visitor. Observing wildlife in it’s natural habitat, feeling the fresh breath of an untainted breeze, or the splash of an ocean wave. This website is a portal into the life of an expedition paddler. The expeditions portrayed on this website are available to you, why don’t you book yourself onto a journey into this amazing world.

Jeff Allen

Meet the Expedition Paddler himself. With so much experience and paddle time under his belt, Jeff's story is inspirational.


Writing for Paddler magazine amongst other publications and the author of several books, Jeff also shares his experiences through workshops and symposiums. Find out where you can learn more from him.


The rare corners of the globe visited by Expedition Paddler hold unimaginable beauty. Click through to the Media section to see them through the eyes of Jeff and his peers.

What is your reason for embracing this experience?
Is it the joy of adventure?
The challenge of stepping outside of that world of ‘Credit cards and double glazing’?
Or is it to refresh and replenish that human spirit within us all?


The Spirit of Adventure.

Replenish your Spirit of Adventure. Join an expedition now.