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“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.`` - Edward Abbey

We offer a wide selection of sea kayaking courses for all levels of sea kayaker from introduction through to advanced, we can also create your own bespoke itinerary.


Expedition Paddler will introduce you to an amazing coastline with a variety of options depending on the forecast.  Our team of coaches are incredibly experienced and we are eager to help you to develop any aspect of your paddling.


We can help you learn to kayak for a day or coach you in advanced conditions.  We are also able deliver Guide Training modules in the ISKGA system and we run British Canoeing training and assessments.


Email us NOW for your bespoke booking.

Expedition Skills

This course is aimed at Intromediate/intermediate paddlers or are at a BCU 2-3* level, and are keen to learn essential skills to take a sea kayak into multiday expeditions. It is perfectly suited to any paddlers wishing to gain more experience before going on our Iceland, Alaska, Norway, Scotland, Brittany or Kefalonia expeditions.

Guide Training (Coastal)

Expedition Paddler in association with the International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA) has developed a 6 week guide training programme. This programme is aimed at intermediate paddlers wishing to access the sea kayaking industry.

Guide Training (Advanced)

Expedition Paddler in partnership with Adventure Elements, Anglesey have put together a 6 week advanced guide-training programme using the International Sea Kayak Guide Association (ISKGA) framework of modules.  The course is aimed at intermediate to advanced paddlers wishing to work within the industry, leading groups in advanced water’s, challenging conditions and remote environments.

Modules - Fundamentals 1

The ISKGA Sea Kayaking Fundamentals – Level One is an entry-level course intended for participants who might be classed as beginner sea kayakers. This course is aimed at building-up a novice paddler’s understanding of, and proficiency in, the basics of core Technical; Rescue; Expedition; and Navigational Skills.

Modules - Fundamentals 2

The ISKGA Sea Kayaking Fundamentals – Level Two is aimed at sea kayakers wishing to build upon and improve their foundation knowledge in core Technical; Rescue; First Aid; Expedition; and Navigational Skills. It is intended that all participants will take time to practice and perfect skills introduced before moving on to the next level.

Modules - Fundamentals 3

The ISKGA Sea Kayaking Fundamentals – Level Three is the level whereby the individual paddler will be able to utilise their Technical; Rescue; First Aid; Expedition; and Navigation Skills within a dynamic environment.

Modules - Incident Management

The ISKGA Incident Management course is a four day course. This can be logged as a stand alone two day course with two bolt on modules or alternatively can be run over a four day period.

Sea Survival

The ISKGA Sea Survival course has been developed to meet the needs of the sea kayaking community and is a one or two day course depending on resources available to the center/individual instructor.

First Aid

Although it is not a requirement to be a medical professional to be an ISKGA guide, it is a requirement that each guide should have extensive skills and knowledge appropriate to a lay person working in austere environments.