Expedition Paddler | Shaun Rodgers
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Shaun Rodgers

Shaun started paddling informally by doing touring adventurous expeditions paddling with friends in Africa, trips in a variety of areas that included the upper Zambezi, Portuguese islands of Mozambique and the coastal waters of South Africa.In 2007 after having sold his printing business and an outdoor adventure farm in South Africa, Shaun moved with his young family to the Greek island of Kefalonia, where he worked as a commercial sea kayak guide for 6 years, he took time to explore and expedition paddle in a variety of areas and islands, including trips across the Aegean Sea from Athens to Turkey and numerous Greek island circumnavigations, his main aim was to enjoy his paddling, family and children while they were still young.


In November 2012 Shaun travelled to Cornwall as a student and returned again in February 2013 to attend the first ISKGA – www.iskga.com (International Sea Kayaking Guides Association) Advanced guide training programme.


In April 2013 a month after completing his training Shaun returned and officially joined up with Jeff Allen and two are now business partners at Expedition Paddler.


Shaun loves guiding, experiential coaching and is always learning, this is instantly obvious when you see his enthusiasm for the sport and the marine environment.