Expedition Paddler | Jeff Allen
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Jeff Allen

Expedition sea kayaking is all about freedom, the freedom to explore remote coastlines self supported, carrying all of your essential items with you and supplementing them as you go with fresh fish, food foraged along the shore and occasionally visiting areas that are inhabited so that you can re-supply yourself with stores as they run dry. To some sea kayaking will be regarded as a sport, but to others, it is more than just a sport, it is a life style and to these individuals the sea kayak is the perfect vehicle to maintain a lifestyle that is free from the trappings of a society governed by the clock.

Jeff Allen first started kayaking as a young cub scout, when he was about 7 or 8 years old,  then later on in the sea cadets and then as a young soldier in the British Army, In fact it was whilst serving in Cyprus, with the United Nations that he would see his first real sea kayak, three brand new, shiny Valley Nordkap’s waiting on the beach, all ready to go on Expedition.

The Past


Jeff’s time in the army gave him a healthy love of the outdoor way of life and when he left the military in 1987 he moved to Cornwall to study traditional boat building in Falmouth, he still calls Falmouth his home now and he get’s no greater pleasure than to explore his local coastline and to introduce others to both the world of expedition Sea Kayaking and the Cornish coastline.


In 2003 Jeff founded ‘Sea Kayaking Cornwall‘ a small business with a big mission, which was to become the number one sea kayaking school in the United Kingdom. Which he believes, with the help from his two business partners, Simon and Shaun, he has achieved. In 2012 Jeff founded the International Sea Kayak Guide Association, an organisation which represents the needs of both established and aspiring commercial Sea Kayak Guides from around the world.
Expeditions & Experience


Jeff has a strong belief that gaining certification is only a part of the process, when it comes to becoming a seaman. Experience takes time and effort and in 2003, apart from laying the foundations for Sea Kayaking Cornwall, he also started to plan an expedition to circumnavigate Japan. In January of 2004 Jeff and Hadas Feldman from Israel departed from Marina Casa Zima in Yokosuka Shi, taking the first paddle stroke of many of which were to follow. Here Jeff was to learn all about the power of nature, Monsoon and Typhoon driven winds, earthquakes and Ocean swells all went towards making this 5000 mile marine odyssey an expedition to judge all others by.
South Georgia


After returning home from Japan, the expedition life had embedded itself into both Jeff and Hadas’s hearts and souls and they then turned their gaze towards South Georgia, a remote Antarctic Oasis, situated between Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsular, deep into the Southern Ocean. Joining forces with Peter Bray and Nigel Dennis, the four of them headed out from Grytviken and completed the first British circumnavigation of what is now considered to be the K2 of Sea Kayaking challenges.


Where the mountain’s meet the sea’ So taken by the the geography of South Georgia, Jeff decided to search out more Mountainous seascapes, and in 2007 started out a long time love affair with the coast line of the Scandinavian Peninsula, especially Northern Norway. Leaving from Goteborg in Sweden, Jeff embarked on an extended expedition, to experience and explore the remote and rugged coastline of the Scandinavian Peninsular. This journey would not only take him along what he regards as being the most beautiful coastline in the world but also into communities which have evolved from a close connection to the ocean and the mountains and he now regards this area as a second home.


In 2012, along with Harry Whelan, Jeff set out to have a crack at a long standing record, in paddling around Ireland in under 33 days, this record, established by a team of local paddlers, led by the renowned Mick O’Meara had stood the test of time but in just under 25 days time they were to return to their start point of Ardmore-mission accomplished. Mick O’Meara has since reclaimed this title and so the story continues………

Apart from Jeff’s personal expeditions, jeff also guides commercially and has led expeditions in Norway, Alaska, Sardinia, Malta as well as his home waters of Cornwall and Great Britain.