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Norway Expeditions



25th Nov – 2nd Dec 2017

``Guiding people in this environment is unique. I’m always looking for that wow factor, that expectation that around the corner is something that is going to blow people’s mind. It’s an amazing honour and pleasure to be able to experience that as a guide.`` - Jeff Allen

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of arctic Norway on a trip led by Jeff Allen and his team of guides.

You can spend your expedition days whale watching from sea-kayaks, dog sledding over mountainous peaks, watching the magical northern lights or experiencing the Arctic Midnight Sun and skiing through this amazing Northern scenery.

For a taste of what’s in store, watch the video below and experience the magic…


“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread.`` - Edward Abbey

 In order to maximise the best time on the water or in the mountains and to view the northern lights, the schedule may change slightly, depending on the conditions.

Winter Expedition Nov-Dec 2018

The Blue Time Expedition


Sea Kayak Whale Safari


25th November-2nd December 2017


For the last five years or so the Herring have been visiting the northern fjords in and around Tromso and the islands to the west of Kvaloya & Senja, this mass migration has attracted an enormous amount of whale activity, Humpback migrate from across the Atlantic and pods of Orca arrive in numerous numbers to feast on these shoals. For the last seven years I have been leading groups of sea kayakers throughout this region, it is one of my favourite places on planet earth, I love the North of Norway with a passion, through all of its seasons, it is a place where the mountains meet the Ocean, mountains straight out of ‘Lord of the Rings’. The locals call this time of year ‘The Blue Time‘ A time when the land is full of contrasts. This years expedition is timed to harness a waxing moon, shedding an ethereal light across the landscape. This years safari is based out of a local air B&B on the island of Kvaloya, the residence is very comfortable with lots of Nordic character, the owner of the house is an active guide and superb paddler in her own right. The location is perfect for accessing all aspects of the region and over looks Kaldfjord, where many whale have been sighted in previous years.


The expedition members will meet in Tromso at Bjorns Kajak at 1200 on Saturday the 25th November 2017 where we shall pick up any equipment required for the weeks expedition. From Bjorn’s shop we shall then set off to Kvaloya, stopping on the way to pick up provisions for the week, before moving on to the accommodation.


Daily routine:


On Sunday morning, after a hearty breakfast all member shall head out on Kaldfjord for a shake down paddle, going through any procedures which may need to be implemented through out the week, This is a chance for you to get to know the guide and for the guide to get to know you, if you have never practised rescues before, you will have an opportunity to do so, as well as receiving any other coaching required.


After the initial Sunday morning shake down paddle the daily routine will be to head off out to explore the islands and Fjords looking for whale activity. We have developed a good network of friends amongst the local whale watching community and we use this network to start the search. Each day will consist of sea kayaking activity which will last for between 4-5 hours on the water. This will leave the opportunity to visit other areas such as Tromso and to also go in search of the Northern Lights which can be regularly seen at this time of year.


The accommodation is self catering and very comfortable, so when we do chose to return from our explorations you will be relaxing in comfort. On previous years members of the expedition have chosen to cook for each other, this has created a mixed menu of cuisine with a variety of countries being represented on the trip.


Humpback whale South Coast of Kvaløya (Whale Island).


Travel: There are regular flights out to Tromso throughout the year and their are also many hotels offering value accommodation in the city should you arrive before the Saturday. You shall return to Tromso on Saturday morning the 2nd December 2017 to hand back any equipment that you have hired out and return the equipment which was given to you as part of the expedition expense. If you have your own dry suits it is recommended that you bring these with you, if you do not, these are available for hire from Bjorns Kajak.


Expedition price:  £1500 (does not include food or travel costs)



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The Dog sledding expeditions will be led by Tore Albrigtsen, one of the most experienced dog mushers in Norway.


Tore has competed in numerous dog sled races, including the famous Iditarod Race in Alaska. Tore has been Dog sledding and mountaineering for most of his life, so rest assured you will be in safe hands. This activity will be an all day or multi day event starting and finishing at Active Tromso.


Your Ski guides will be Bjorn Eines and Nick Arding.


Bjorn lives in Tromso and has ski toured all of his life and he knows the region intimately. Nick is a former Royal Marines Officer and is an International Mountain Leader, MIC (Mountaineering Instructor Certificate) and SNSC Mountain Ski Leader, with a life time of mountain experience behind him.


For the past five or six years during the winter months, the Fjords of Kvaløya and Senja have been visited in great numbers by Humpback Whales and Orca, these have been drawn in by the vast shoals of Herring which have moved North from their historical feeding grounds around the Lofoten Islands.


For the winter expedition we shall depart as soon as the whales have been sighted (often from the windows of the cabin) or through using local knowledge. Whale watching in the traditional way, from a sea kayak, is an incredible experience.


Your lead sea kayaking guide will be Jeff Allen, Jeff is a very experienced sea kayak guide who calls Northern Norway his second home. He is an I.S.K.G.A advanced Guide and trainer and also has the BCU 5 star sea award as well as having extensive expedition sea miles beneath his keel. Jeff has expeditioned all over the world and has circumnavigated Japan, South Georgia, Ireland and most of the Scandinavian Peninsular.



It is recommended that expedition members have adequate travel insurance.

A basic competency in kayaking is required for the trip, but if you do not possess this, prior training can be arranged. It is recommended that members of the team ensure that they are physically able to attend this expedition, seeking medical advice from their personal doctor if necessary.


The two week spring/Summer expedition costs £2700 per person. This includes all dog sledding equipment (including camping equipment & food for the dog sled exped),Kayak (inclusive of kayaking related equipment) hire and all guiding activities.

This expedition will fill up fast. You can secure your booking by paying a £750 deposit, either via PayPal (click the add to cart link below), or by contacting Jeff Allen on info@expeditionpaddler.com or call +44 (0) 7789 286080.

THE ‘BLUE TIME’ EXPEDITION – 25th November to 2nd December 2017 – DEPOSIT ONLY: £750

More expeditions coming soon…